Apr 7, 2015
  • Fixed issue with ElasticSearch bombing when certain characters were in the search terms.
  • Added iCal add to calendar support for events
Mar 3, 2015
  • Now importing data automatically from and indexing in ElasticSearch
  • Switched to using more advanced query analyzer when searching for terms. You can do things like "BBQ AND rack" or "rack -BBQ" (find ads with the word "rack" but NOT "BBQ".)
Feb 19, 2015
  • Installed ElasticSearch on server
  • All searching and browsing is now run through ElasticSearch, which should return more relevant results
Feb 8, 2015
  • You can now "bump" your ad (i.e. move it to the first page) every 30 days
Dec 12, 2014
  • Moved server to Amazon EC2
Oct 26, 2014
  • Added a fancy multi file upload tool
  • Got rid of image limits on ads
  • Cleaned up user account and management section
  • Cleaned up and added event management section
Oct 16, 2014
  • Bulk upload tool, for uploading massive amount of items to the site
  • Adding Facebook share buttons
  • Updated pagination functionality to better handle large amounts of pages
  • Auto-rotate images when uploaded (uses EXIF data to determine image orientation)
  • Added better support for sharing with Facebook (Open Graph tags)
  • URLs in ad descriptions will now automatically link-out
  • Fixed image update/delete buttons when editing ad images
Sep 13, 2014

Was able to get some work done finally:

  • Added default contact and location settings in account section
  • Cleaned up some nav issues in account section
  • Fixed not being able to delete ad images if you're using AdBlock software
  • Linked username and avatar to user detail page in comments
  • Making Post an ad and Post an event links more prominent
  • Added some meta tags for better search engine indexing
  • Added event title to browser label - better for linking out and search engine indexing
Aug 30, 2014

If you were never able to view images on the site, I have found and fixed the issue. You were most likely running an AdBlock plugin or software that was filtering out the images because the image URLs had the word ad in it. I've moved the images to a different URL structure and it seems to be working just fine. If you continue to have problems seeing images on the site, please let me know.


  • Fixed images being blocked by AdBlock software
  • Password reset/recovery fully functional
  • Added more ads by user when looking at an ad
  • Cleaned up events/rally section, added ability to look at all, upcoming, and past events
  • Found and fixed a bug for single day events - they now show up in the listings (sorry about that Ski's Shrimp Run)
  • Added a user detail page that shows user name, avatar, bio, and ads
  • Added commenting on events and user pages
  • Fixed all images on Amazon S3 to be the correct mime type (image/jpeg)
  • Created subdomain as a CNAME to Amazon S3